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The easiest way to get started on your impact journey is not to buy more. Instead, look at what you currently buy and what you could swap to increase your positive impact - socially and environmentally.

All our bundles include shipping. You can be purchased once or SAVE with a monthly subscription.

Each of our boxes comes with an estimated S.R.O.I of at least 3:1 to maximise your impact for some simple business swaps.

  • Swap your Business Basics

    Toilet roll, tea and coffee - the essentials! Our packages are a no-brainer with a suggested 3:1 S.R.O.I in every transaction.

  • Increase Employee Satisfaction

    With no greater asset than your employees. Add a little extra to say thank you to build the box you want!

  • Added Impact

    Prizes, promos and corporate gifting - think outside the box to upgrade your bundles (and impact) easily.

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& S.R.O.I

C.S.R. or Corporate Social Responsibility is when a company chooses to integrate solutions to social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their employees, customers and stakeholders. Most people understand Return on Investment or R.O.I as a term to quantify whether spend or time taken has been worthwhile. A 1:1 R.O.I means the output is equal to the events investment. A 2:1 ratio means the output is double the money or hours taken and so on.

Similarly, S.R.O.I or Social Return on Investment looks at the business model of a socially responsible organisation. Studies say that the Social Enterprise Business Model is at least 3:1 and some are SO impactful they reach even 30:1 S.R.O.I. For every dollar spent, you can make a profound difference!

To make it really easy for you, we have vetted each and every brand that appears in your packages. You'll also notice the impact that you create when purchasing the products on this platform - enjoy!


We provide microloans for entrepreneurs in Zambia with every purchase
The suggested minimum SROI impact for a social enterprise is 3:1
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