Business Basics Bundle
Each Box Includes:

  • 2kg Aroma’s Coffee (choice of blends)
  • 1 x Nemi Tea’s English Breakfast Tea (15 bags)
  • 1 x Nemi Tea’s Green Tea (15 bags)
  • 24 x rolls emotions 100% Recycled Toilet Paper
  • 1 x Love Luvo Hand Wash (500ml)

Coffee Blend :
Coffee Grind :


Aromas Coffee Roasters

Working on the land of : Turrbal and Jagera People

Aromas Coffee is an 100% Indigenous-owned Australian coffee business that strives to support Indigenous communities by closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in areas of education, health, employment, and wealth creation.

Aromas coffee roasters is part of SupplyAus, a larger umbrella company that hosts a number of businesses and the Dreaming Futures Charity. In 2022, together the SupplyAus conglomerate proudly donated over $1.3 million to support Indigenous communities through various initiatives, including Indigenous employee wages, women athlete sponsorship, direct community goods and sponsorship, direct trading with other Indigenous businesses, and support for back-to-school packs and uniforms.
Nemi Teas

If you love a cuppa, look no further! Nemi Teas are a jobs-focussed social enterprise providing transitional employment to refugees in the UK. Their products not only do good, but taste mighty fine too!

Nemi Teas are a premium quality organic tea with a zero-plastic policy. They are proud to use innovative technologies for their tea bags and packaging for a plastic-free drinking experience.

LoveLuvo is a unique personal care company that has a strong commitment to social responsibility. Rather than simply donating a percentage of their profits to charitable causes, LoveLuvo provides meaningful employment opportunities for people who face barriers to finding and keeping a job. This social enterprise approach allows LoveLuvo to make a real difference in the lives of its employees, who gain valuable work experience, skills, and financial independence.

LoveLuvo's products are not only high-quality but also have a positive impact on society. By providing employment opportunities for people who face barriers to work, LoveLuvo is helping to build a more inclusive and equitable society. With a commitment to natural ingredients and social responsibility, LoveLuvo is a brand that is worth supporting.
Kenshi Candles

Kenshi Charity Candles is a Social Enterprise to make it easier for any person, club, school or charity to raise money easily. As a social enterprise, each candle funds 3kg of pasta for people in need here in Australia.

The candles are made in collaboration with the Chin refugee community in Melbourne who produce them. After fleeing from civil war in Myanmar, these amazing people are now earning much needed income.


We provide microloans for entrepreneurs in Zambia with every purchase
The suggested minimum SROI impact for a social enterprise is 3:1
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